Vendor Information

Beaufort County's purchasing goal is to engage strong, experienced, and reliable vendors who will serve the public's needs for high quality goods and services at a competitive cost. Beaufort County strongly supports its local business community, on whose behalf a Vendor List has been created.  If your business is located in Beaufort County, please complete and return a Vendor Application to have your business considered for inclusion on the Vendor List (click on Vendor List image below).  Businesses located outside of Beaufort County will be considered if maintaining a business license with Beaufort County or any of its municipalities. Submission of a Vendor Application does not guarantee inclusion on the Vendor List.   The application is available by clicking the image below. You may e-mail questions to:

BC Vendor App                    

NOTE:  Beaufort County updates its Vendor List monthly based on received applications.  If your company does not appear on the list, please complete and return a new application to us for review, available by clicking on the image of the Vendor Application above.  If your company does appear and information needs to be corrected and/or changed, please send an email to

Last updated January 1, 2017:

Vendor List

Click on this sentence to download and/or print the PDF listing of the Beaufort County Vendor List.

Local Vendor Preference

A competitive procurement shall be made by the County from responsive and responsible local (resident) vendors in Beaufort County for procurement, if such bid does not exceed the lowest qualified bid from a non-local vendor by more than five percent (5%) or $10,000, whichever is less of the lowest non-local bidder.  The local vendor has the discretion to match the bid submitted by the non-local vendor and receive the contract award.  A vendor shall be deemed to be a "local vendor", if such vendor is an individual, partnership, association, or corporation that is authorized to transact business within the state of South Carolina, maintains an office in Beaufort County, and maintains a representative inventory of commodities within Beaufort County and has paid all taxes duly assessed.


When purchasing  from state or GSA contacts, the County is allowed to purchase like items from a Beaufort County local vendor as long as the local vendor is willing to meet or beat the state or GSA contract pricing.  In cases where two or more local vendors are involved, the Purchasing Director will determine the best method to use for a tie breaker, either a coin toss or lottery drawing.  When practical, a quotation will be solicited from other than the previous supplier prior to placing a repeat order.