Solid Waste and Recycle

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Overview of Materials Handling

Beaufort County provides 11 convenience centers located throughout the county where residents can drop off their household solid waste and yard waste.  Residential C&D debris is accepted in small amounts at three centers (Shanklin, St. Helena, Bluffton). Seven of the convenience centers accept recycling materials. Specific information on recycling is available at: General Recycling Info. Commercial businesses are required to contract with a private company for their hauling and disposal needs.


City of Beaufort - Telephone: (843) 525-7054
The city of Beaufort offers curbside solid waste and recycling collection to residents. Residents are charged monthly for solid waste that is included on their BJWSA water bill to participate in the program. The initial recycling bins are free and can be obtained by calling the telephone number above. 

Town of Port Royal - Telephone: (843) 986-2215
Port Royal offers curbside solid waste and recycling collection to residents. For more information call the number for the Town of Port Royal above.

Town of Bluffton - Telephone: (843) 706-4500
Bluffton offers curbside solid waste and recycling collection to residents.  For more information call the number for the Town of Bluffton above.  The cost of recycling is paid for through property taxes.

Town of Hilton Head - Telephone: (843) 342-4581 or visit

Solid Waste and Recycling Cost to Beaufort County Residents

The charges to residents are present as in property taxes on homes and cars. Solid waste and recycling costs are 4.5 mils of the county allotment.

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Summary of Full Cost Disclosure for Solid Waste Costs (PDF)